Using Red Horse Artimud for Hoof wall infection for older pony with PPID

Artimud by Red Horse Products

Artimud can be very useful for hoof cracks. I am lucky to have known Lolly for over 18 months now, he is a gentleman of around 20 -“clearsthroat” something years of age.  Lolly definitely knows his own mind where food is concerned, and has also been the most helpful pony. He acted as one of my models for my Equine Body Work practical case study. He was the most obliging equine where standing with front legs accurately spaced for muscle labelling was concerned (see below).

Lolly’s owner informed me when I started trimming his feet that he had been tested positive for PPID (Cushings). Lolly has always been great to trim with good feet. His owner K has also been very diligent, following every instruction to the letter, having regular trims and managing his environment really well. At the beginning of May this year, K sent me the first few photos shown below, Lolly had developed huge cracks in both front and hind feet!


The infection in the wall of the hoof was easily visible when I was trimming Lolly. Working together we set out to tackle Lolly’s hoof infection using Red Horse Artimud.  I showed K how to roll Lolly’s feet weekly between trims and she also soaked his feet regularly.  Lolly was very helpful with this (see above) and K applied  Red Horse Artimud daily. I also suggested that K put Lolly on a high Copper and Zinc balancer containing vitamin E and mycosorb. I advised K to have Lolly’s PPID values tested again, which was done towards the end of August. The ACTH levels values had almost tripled,so Lolly’s medication was increased as recommended by his vet.

Field Paste

At the end of August I also introduced K to Red Horse Field paste and her reaction was “Thanks for recommending the red horse field paste. It’s brilliant. The thrush has gone already?! x” We are pleased to see that Lolly is now looking fit and well with a shiny coat and healthy hooves. K did all the hard work in this process. I feel really lucky to be able to work with owners who work so hard to look after their horses’ feet. Thanks K and Lolly x

Red Horse Products are available at bodywork or hoof care appointments and can also be ordered here

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