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Equicentral system on a Budget

I own two horses – Charlie(30) and Blue(21), and have spent many years as a horse owner in livery yards.  I am always trying to find the best way to keep my horses and they have spent the last few years living out 24/7. In 2014, after 20 years of being at livery yards I got the chance to rent a small place with land and stables. Fantastic! We moved here just over a year ago. We have 2 full size and 3 smaller stables which are mainly used for storage.  The stables have a gravel surface in front of them and are very close to the house, in the garden and have a small passageway to the field which is long and narrow.
It is a lovely place but we are on the middle of a fen and it can get very very windy in the winter. Blue has suffered from gastric ulcers and was treated for these in 2013 but sadly they returned soon after we moved here, I believe that this was partly due to some high sugar haylage and partly due to the fact that I started to stable him.  He gets incredibly stressed when stabled to the point where I believe that he could be in pain when being stabled. I also think that he suffers from claustrophobia as he can also get extremely upset in the trailer if I make the mistake of stopping anywhere and leaving the top section of the ramp closed and he cant see his surroundings. Read more