Messing around having fun with polework for horses

   Polework for horses Today we did some polework for horses. As I have only a field to work in I can only do faster ground work when conditions are perfect underfoot. Yesterday Charlie, my 30 year old exracer did something I haven’t seen him do before. My field currently represents half a track system […]

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Ladies who wear high heels!

High Contracted Heels in Barefoot Horses During my working day as a barefoot trimmer I often come across High Contracted Heels. High contracted heels,  can be a result of posture. hoof imbalance, the horse trying to relieve pressure and discomfort at the back of the hoof. Whe the heels become very high the collateral grooves […]

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Using Red Horse Artimud for Hoof wall infection for older pony with PPID

Artimud by Red Horse Products Artimud can be very useful for hoof cracks. I am lucky to have known Lolly for over 18 months now, he is a gentleman of around 20 -“clearsthroat” something years of age.  Lolly definitely knows his own mind where food is concerned, and has also been the most helpful pony. […]

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