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High Contracted Heels in Barefoot Horses

During my working day as a barefoot trimmer I often come across High Contracted Heels. High contracted heels,  can be a result of posture. hoof imbalance, the horse trying to relieve pressure and discomfort at the back of the hoof. Whe the heels become very high the collateral grooves become an ideal place for infection to flourish.

Around 15 years ago I worked in an office and the receptionist decided that she needed to lose weight. She stopped driving everywhere with the intention of walking and driving instead. This lady bought some trainers to wear but suddenly got a big shock! She had worn very high heels every day for years and now when wearing the trainers she got pains in her calves. Her muscles and ligaments had become shortened so much that she was uncomfortable without heels!

I see this in horses and had such a case last week, the older mare’s heels were enormous. I felt like an underground miner or deep sea diver as I looked into great chasms of collateral grooves. Contracte heels can occur as a result

The collateral grooves were so deep that they were impossible for the owner to access. They were black with infection even though the frog, although constricted was reasonably healthy. It is paramount to enable a horse to become comfortable in the heels. I trimmed the mare, the hoof balance can not be corrected in one trim. It will take time and frequent trims so as not to stress the tendons and ligaments too much. I usually follow up with some Red Horse Field paste. Field paste was ideal for this use as it can be pushed down into the grooves and only needs replacing once or twice a week. Field paste will combat the bugs and bacteria that cause infection. It also smells lovely, and due to the bioactive honey it will work even better in wet conditions!


Field Paste by Red Horse high contracted heels
Field paste for High Contracted Heels

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